Emily Gibbard - sculptural ceramics artist
abstract detail

By manipulating, tearing and stacking vessels thrown on the potter's wheel, Emily creates sculptural forms that are both abstract and figurative. Movement and fluidity are brought into her work by bending and joining clay at the point between rigidity and collapse. Glazes are dribbled and poured across the form, bringing colour and spontaneity.


Emily celebrates the versatility of clay as a material and the journey of the maker. Inspiration comes from art potters such as Betty Woodman and Rudy Autio, as well as figurative artists and abstract expressionists.


After beginning her practice in 2016, Emily joined Maze Studios in Bristol where she progressed her ceramics skills and developed a recognisable style for her work. She has received interest in her work both locally and internationally across N. America and Europe, and has built up a strong following through art events, markets and social media. In April 2021 Emily was awarded Arts Council funding to focus on developing larger scale sculptural work. 


In September 2021 Emily co-founded Windmill Clay, a ceramics studio based in South Bristol offering pottery courses and studio membership. She continues her clay journey from her new base, encouraging local craft over modern consumerism.

Emily has work for sale at the RWA shop, Bristol and New Brewery Arts, Cirencester.

abstract ceramic head pot
abstract cup